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Water purification process of washing vehicles


BUBIDEA is a service within which it is possible to buy your business idea. We have a database
intentions missing from the market. The establishment of the company remains up to the customers.

You can also choose variants taking into account how much money
you can or want to put into the idea.
The case study costs 3,630 CZK
Idea NO 5 :Implementation of the idea of ​​establishing a mobile food bank (LTD) price from including VAT 83,52 GBP including VAT,93,34 USD without VAT storage costs on request. More http://www.sekoss.cz/…tleneck-279/
Idea No 4: Implementation of the idea to establish a food bank (LTD ) price from GBP including VAT,123,97 USD without VAT storage costs on request. More infos http://www.sekoss.cz/…tleneck-279/

Idea NO 3 Start a non-profit company in general. Price on request.
Idea no 1: Blog / vlog blog combining cooking and dance lessons. They can be amateur or professional dancers, hobbies or professional chefs.
Idea No. 2: Blog / Vlog cooks 2 generations – daughter / son and father / mother or grandparents and grandchildren / granddaughter
Foundation of the s.r.o (LTD) in England by a partner company 4,900,CZK
Founding of the company s.r.o. by the partner company 9000,
Idea + name of the company: 60 pounds 3×20