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Water purification process of washing vehicles

Written in a dress, Turtleneck

Today I am writing about the experience of 1.3.2020 and 6th March. I should have had meetings with people interested in business (IT and design) because of the flu, both meetings were canceled. My friend invited me for coffee at the theater cafe. I said, Do you mind if I put on something more festive? The atmosphere was pleasant. For men, I noticed a learning tremor that was caused by the current global health situation. Even so, we had an evening (the meeting started at 6 pm. Of course we were protecting ourselves. Although we were strange at that time. That changed in a few days. My friend put on our meeting .
https://www.mooda.cz/…-saty-lucie/ and stockings that can be found there.

Originally I wanted to wear them too, but when she wrote to me that she also wants to wear formal dresses and the same, I decided to choose a different one. https://www.mooda.cz/…ika-cervene/ and stocking .

The second meeting took place via a computer. It was March 6. We had afternoon tea and lunch. We put on these clothes: