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Written in a dress, Turtleneck

Dress or tank top?
May is a special month. The weather is constantly changing. The weather seems to be fighting for power in May and April. For a while it is sunny and warm, other times the heat is cloudy and in addition it can blow unpleasantly.
How did I think of that? I saw a couple of music videos and in one I saw a girl wandering around the room wearing a long T-shirt (but the music video didn't look vulgar). It occurred to me then that it would not be wrong to write about such an outfit. It's nothing revolutionary, but the idea is good.

The second reason why I decided to write such an article was the fact when I went to a meeting in the city and to see a business partner in a T-shirt with an extended length (two sizes larger) and nylons.
This model can be used for t-shirts with short sleeves, long sleeves, tank tops.
Already in February of this year, I decided to write this article. Now is the right time.
T-shirt with short sleeves as a dress
For example:


Tops and tank tops
Tops and tank tops are about how you want to wear them. The first option is to put together a tank top, nylons and a skirt. The second option is to omit the skirt. The third option is to wear only a tank top and shoes. You can choose the length of the tank top yourself – according to your taste. You can choose a shorter-cut tank top for your skirt. You can also have it one to two sizes larger than your usual size. Even in this case, you can wear a skirt (whether mini or maxi) and a longer top hem behind a) tuck behind the skirt or b) place the lower part of the top or tank top loosely over the hips.


They have these and other goods at Slovak branches. Unfortunately, they do not send them to the UK, but you can take a trip and buy this piece.

Turtleneck as a dress
Even a turtleneck or jumper can be worn as a dress. You can choose to choose your size, or up to two numbers larger size + nylons or skirt. Example:

https://www.zalando.de/…1io-e11.html Also you can find at www.zalando.co.uk

You can also create a dress with another piece of clothing skirt. Suitable if you do not dare to combine the upper part only with nylons or stockings. How ? You select a) a t-shirt

  1. Tank Top, Top
  2. Turtleneck

    then complete the skirt. You can choose between a miniskirt, a midi skirt and a maxi skirt.

Generally recommended is the equation matched outfit = patterned top + one-color skirt
Or a single-colored skirt and an interesting pattern of the lower part.

Cardigan, anorack, jacket ,scarf
The last two things you can use in May are a jacket and a scarf. You can use the jacket you have at home or buy. For example :https://www.zalando.co.uk/…0pr-k11.html

As for the scarf, you can wear it around your waist as a belt. Solution: Measure your waist circumference and you will find a fabric in the haberdashery that suits the style of clothing.
I believe that you will find a suitable scarf as a belt in your haberdashery.