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Written in a dress/ Turtleneck

I haven't written an article about business in a long time. Last in November. And since I still consider the topic of establishing food banks to be very, very important and crucial, I will keep the blog article for some time to come. In addition to the classic stone food bank, I will be happy to help and advise you on the establishment of the Mobile Food Bank. All this within the BUBIDEA service.
In April 2022, the topic of the article is Startup: Beauty. People often ask me what the EPIMONI COSMETIC MASK® is.
In the following paragraphs you will learn WHAT IS EPIMONI COSMETIC Mask ® and also where you can buy this product.

What is it ?

A little help to get you started: EPIMONI COSMETICS are RELAXATION MASKS.
EPIMONI COSMETIC MASK® We created these masks in our family business.
Where Can I buy it : https//:www.epimonipflege.de or https://www.written-in-a-dress-turtleneck.cz/…tovy-obchod/


We created these masks in our family business. All this within the project R HAJPOR -ROZJEZD PODNIKÁNÍ . Why we created masks (mission): The design of this product is an effort to offer skin care to people allergic to classic bases or emulsions that contain commonly available products. We have created a non-plastic alternative in skin care. We use certified natural substances. The fabrics are Oekotex certified and are also suitable for children.

Product authors: Petra and Iva Hájkova.
Iva designed and created a product called EPIMONI FIESTA IOANNI and FIÉSTA EPIMONI ®

Petra designed and created a product called AGAPI®

We are also preparing other products and we are working on their development.

You can use our Relaxation Masks repeatedly. It is recyclable. It is sustainable.
At EPIMONI you can apply any of your favorite home skin peels. We presented the AGAPI® mask to the public for the first time at Torino digital Fashion Match 2021. Here we also introduced the EPIMONI COSMETIC MASK® and EPIMONI COSMETICS® brands for the first time.