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Written in a dress / turtleneck

This article uses so-called cyber recycling.
Do you remember the mention in a previous article that I was busy with Fashion Weeks, among other things. Coincidentally, as a blog author, I was able to watch online Fashion Week broadcasts in Milan, Singapore, London, Portugal and Denmark. Maybe Singapore is waiting for me next year. London was, I didn't really finish my visit. I was interested in Portugal and Denmark. Portugal – although online, at a time when there was little alive, it warmed my heart. Therefore, I decided to dedicate to Portugal and Denmark (each destination after two articles.
When you write back about your impressions, it is good to feel comfortable. It's good to prepare (especially if you're writing jeans at home in late May and complete with a T-shirt. Elegant or lively.

T-shirts, Tops, blouses by Morgan
If you want to type on the top of the clothes that I wore when preparing the article, this is the Morgan brand. The choice is yours.



DIY AND DIY CURVY T-shirts, blouses, jeans

Tights, bodysocken,Hold up, leggins etc
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Nyní se pojďme věnovat tématu Moda Lisboa dojmy.

https://www.visitportugal.com/…isboa-regiao cited 11–21–2021 Lisboa Region

Lisbon is Portugal's capital and the hub of a multifaceted area that appeals to different tastes and senses.
In a city that has been influenced by many different far-off cultures over time, there is still a village feel in each historic neighbourhood. Stroll through the Pombaline grid of streets in the Baixa district that opens on to the Tagus in Praça do Comércio, then follow the river to discover some of the city’s most beautiful parts: the monumental area of Belém with its World Heritage monuments, the mediaeval quarters and the latest contemporary leisure spaces, such as the Parque das Nações.
Moda Lisboa

A ModaLisboa é um projeto multidisciplinar focado na promoção e desenvolvimento da Moda de autor nacional. Fundada em 1991, em parceria com a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, é uma plataforma que reúne desfiles, conferências, workshops, mentoria e exposições, desenhada para públicos e mercados nacionais e internacionais. Tem uma clara missão de consciencialização da comunidade para a sustentabilidade, a inclusão e a transparência, e potencia o crescimento da Moda em Portugal através de parcerias com a indústria e de um trabalho continuado em articulação com as associações do setor. A Lisboa Fashion Week é o principal projeto da Associação ModaLisboa e, mais do que uma Semana de Moda, funciona enquanto agregador e motor de descoberta de jovens talentos, que forma, incentiva e divulga através de plataformas como o Sangue Novo, a Workstation e o LAB.

translated in English 27–11–2021 by Petra
ModaLisboa is a multidisciplinary project focused on promoting and developing nationally-owned fashion. Founded in 1991, in partnership with Lisbon City Council, it is a platform that brings together fashion shows, conferences, workshops, mentoring and exhibitions, designed for national and international audiences and markets. It has a clear mission of raising awareness in the community for sustainability, inclusion and transparency, and it promotes the growth of Fashion in Portugal through partnerships with the industry and continued work in conjunction with sector associations. Lisboa Fashion Week is Associação ModaLisboa's main project and, more than a Fashion Week, it works as an aggregator and engine for discovering young talent, which trains, encourages and disseminates through platforms such as Sangue Novo, Workstation and LAB.

**Hope from The Wonderroom
Here you will find a gallery of promising creators. Next time I will introduce you to „newcomers“ and experienced designers

Moda Lisboa- My outfits on Moda Lisboa Fashion week 2021
Day 1 mom convinced me to wear an elegant day dress https://www.cosstores.com/…dresses.html or https://www.cosstores.com/…dresses.html

Day 2 Turtleneckdress https://www.zalando.co.uk/women/?…
Day3 I put on a turtleneck and skirt (I also had a meeting in the morning part of Fashion Week) I will leave the choice of turtleneck to you. The skirt was folklore. In the afternoon I wore evening dresses. https://www.morgandetoi.com/…n-tp_010107/
Day 4 I had time off and I had no appointment in the morning. I needed to shop and I wanted to feel special, so I chose a combination of business dress and Free time dress. https://en.zalando.de/…ing-dresses/?… and https://www.bubufabrics.com/jersey-silver DIY T-shirt and https://www.bubufabrics.com/…ia-amethyste – Mini skirt