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HAJPOR - rozjezd podnikání®

R HAJPOR-Rozjezd podnikani® is a comprehensive program of services for start-ups consulting, existing small and medium-sized companies.
We also provide recruitment consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses. We also offer education courses for micro, small business owners, medium-sized businesses and etc.

R HAJPOR-rozjezd podnikání is a consulting service for family business, individuals, startups and micro,small and Middle-sized companies, as well as business and HR networking.
The service is paid (hour set for the complexity or prices of our employees.)
Price 1 hour( for our consultant ) 30 Euro including VAT.
Consulting service R HAJPOR – rozjezd podnikani offer for aspiring entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses in five+one variants.

  • Option 1: Enterprising student (with enthusiasm)®
  • Option 2: Enterprising Parents®
  • Option 3: 1 plus Entrepreneur®
  • Option 4: Businessman 40+®
  • Option 5: Silver, experienced TALENT®
  • Option: 6: START + Experience® (Existing micro, small, family, medium business and start-ups)

We offer our clients advice through personal meeting with a client ,advisor, or online.

We also offer consulting services already in operation to retail, small and medium companies:

  • HR start-up consultation**®
  • HR start-up document®**
  • Consultation management organization®
  • Custom training courses®
  • include promotional advice

Part of individual counseling these areas.

  • advisory and consulting areas in which to do business
  • advice – legal form of business
  • ZAČPOP (Startup Business overview) – business survey to measure client® (for more information about the service, please contact our consultant)
  • Custom education courses®
  • NEW – Marketing Plan® – processing according to the client

Programm Education in Small business® – advice, consultation self-education for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses.
Create Education Plan® – processing client's requirements.

Online tutorials, promotion companies and start-ups.®
Virtual assistant in the field of HR, social networks, e-shop communication, virtual assistance for business, etc.