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HAJPOR - rozjezd podnikání®

R HAJPOR-Rozjezd podnikani® is a comprehensive program of services for start-ups consulting, existing small and medium-sized companies.
We also provide recruitment consulting services to small business including small and micro family business . We also offer education courses for micro, small business owners.

R HAJPOR-rozjezd podnikání is a consulting service for family business, individuals, startups and micro,small acompanies, as well as business and HR networking.
The service is paid (hour set for the complexity or prices of our employees.)
Price 1 hour( for our consultant ) 20 GBP including VAT.
Consulting service R HAJPOR – rozjezd podnikani offer for aspiring entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses in five+one variants.

  • Option 1: Enterprising student (with enthusiasm)®
  • Option 2: Enterprising Parents®
  • Option 3: 1 plus Entrepreneur®
  • Option 4: Businessman 40+®
  • Option 5: Silver, experienced TALENT®
  • Option: 6: START + Experience® (Existing micro, small, family, medium business and start-ups)

We offer our clients advice through personal meeting with a client ,advisor, or online.

We advise entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic (from the Central Bohemian Region, Prague to the Zlín Region, the UK and the EU).
We also offer consulting services already in operation to retail, small and medium companies:

  • Family business consulting
  • Consultation management organization®
  • Custom training courses®
  • include promotional advice

Part of individual counseling these areas.

  • ZAČPOP (Startup Business overview) – business survey to measure client® (for more information about the service, please contact our consultant)
  • Custom education courses®
  • Business field consulting, legal form consulting
  • NEW – Marketing Plan® – processing according to the client
  • ABER programm for bloggers /influencers to 10 followers®

Online tutorials, promotion companies and start-ups.®